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Who We Are?

At Abroad Routes, we have a wide range of immigration programs starting from study abroad, global mobility (work) visa , business immigration, second citizenship or second passports to caribbean and other countries, also we cater to family visa, refusal visa and many such programs for respective countries . We work in collaboration with lawyers, attorneys, advocates, legal counsel, suited legal advisers and offices, institutions, partners, global mobility firms, education partners, universities, local government authorities and with organizations who work in compliance with the laws of respective fields of work.


Many of us have been at a crossroad wondering what’s next in life or what to be done years down the line?

There are different answers to where a person wants to relocate in their lives to a physical location, such as a city or country. We all decide on a particular destination to travel to either study, work, live or settle permanently, but the question we have in front of us is how? When? Why? Where? And we remain uncertain about our plans and procedures to carry forward the plans.

At Abroad Routes we make it simple by listing down your requirements and creating a route which will help you to reach your favored destination with utmost ease by giving clarity right from the day you interact with us first.







Saudi Arabia



New Zealand

Our Associations!

Our associates in immigration to Canada, Australia, and the UK are experienced and knowledgeable in the complex immigration processes of these countries. They have helped thousands of clients successfully navigate visa applications, permanent residency, and citizenship. With their dedication and expertise, our associates ensure that each client receives personalized attention and the highest quality of service throughout their immigration journey.

MARA - Australia

Migration Agents Registration Authority Australia. Reg No. 0849170


Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, United Kingdom

ICCRC - Canada

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. RCIC – R510250


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