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Vanuatu comprises a chain of 83 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand and represents most people’s idea of paradise. Most of the food is organically cultivated and the country is self-sufficient and produces its own food. It operates as a free market economy and hence there are no personal income taxes. To attract ambitious investors and offer them Vanuatu citizenship by investment program the people are still working towards building an environment based on equality, hospitality, and business opportunities with low taxation programs and a leading.

Port Vila is the harbourside capital and main hub of Vanuatu, on Efate island. It is home to colorful market stalls selling produce and local handicrafts.


To obtain Citizenship, the first is a non refundable donation to the Government – Development Support Program (DSP), governed by a minimum market selling price.

  • DONATION – $130,000
  • REAL ESTATE – Option not available


  • Visa Free to Over 160+ Countries
  • The Personal Tax Rate 0%
  • Easy to Obtain Driver’s License
  • Cryptocurrency Friendly
  • Fastest Processing Time
  • You can easily obtain SSN, Tax ID, Proof of Address and Offshore Companies
  • No obligations to reside or visit the country

How we can help?

At Abroad Routes, we recognize the immense value of a Vanuatu passport – a gateway to global opportunities and adventure. Allow us to guide you through the passport application process seamlessly. Here’s how we can be your trusted partner:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our team specializes in Vanuatu passport applications. We provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring your application is accurate, complete, and compliant with all the necessary requirements.

  2. Document Review: We meticulously review your application and supporting documents, eliminating errors or omissions that could lead to complications during the application process.

  3. Efficient Processing: We expedite the application process, helping you navigate government procedures and reducing waiting times for your Vanuatu passport.

  4. Legal Compliance: Your application will adhere to all current Vanuatu passport regulations. We stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

  5. Regular Updates: We keep you informed at every step, providing updates on your passport application’s status, ensuring you are always in the know.

  6. Responsive Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to address your queries promptly, ensuring a stress-free application experience.

Abroad Routes simplifies the complexity of obtaining your Vanuatu passport. Our commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction ensures that your passport journey is swift and successful, opening doors to a world of international possibilities. Let’s embark on your passport application journey together today!


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