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Portugal’s Golden Visa program is an immigration initiative that grants residency to non-European investors and their families who invest in Portuguese real estate or create jobs. It provides a pathway to European Union access, with benefits including visa-free travel, education, and healthcare, attracting global investors seeking European residency.


The Portugal Golden Visa program is an attractive option for individuals seeking residency in Portugal and eventual access to the European Union. To qualify, applicants must meet several requirements:

  1. Real Estate Investment: This is the most common and straightforward option. Investors can purchase residential or commercial properties in Portugal. The minimum investment amount varies depending on the property’s location and condition. Generally, it starts at €500,000. This investment must be maintained for at least five years. This option allows investors to benefit from potential property appreciation and rental income.

  2. Capital Transfer: Under this option, investors can choose to invest in various ways:

    a. Capital Transfer of €1 Million or More: Investors can transfer €1 million or more into Portugal, which can be used for various investments, such as starting a business, investing in existing Portuguese businesses, or funding scientific research.

    b. Capital Transfer of €350,000 or More for Research and Development: If the investment is directed towards research and development activities conducted by public or private research institutions in Portugal, the minimum required investment is reduced to €350,000.

    Both options offer a pathway to Portuguese residency and, eventually, citizenship. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives and consult with legal and financial advisors to choose the most suitable option based on their goals and financial capacity.


  • Residency in Portugal: Investors and their immediate family members can obtain temporary residency in Portugal, which allows them to live, work, and study in the country.

  • Visa-Free Travel: Residency holders can enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen Area.

  • Access to European Union: Portugal’s Golden Visa provides a pathway to eventual citizenship.

  • Family Inclusion: The program extends to spouses, dependent children, and even dependent parents.

  • Real Estate Investment Potential: Investing in Portuguese real estate can offer potential financial returns.

  • Education and Healthcare: Residency holders have access to Portugal’s high-quality education and healthcare systems.

  • Renewable Residency:  The residency permit can be renewed for successive periods.

How we can help?

Abroad Routes is your trusted partner on the journey to securing your Portugal Golden Visa. With a wealth of experience in immigration and investment programs, we offer comprehensive support and expertise to ensure a seamless application process.

Expert Guidance: Our team of immigration specialists and legal experts is well-versed in the Portugal Golden Visa program’s intricacies. We provide clear, step-by-step guidance, helping you navigate through the complexities of the application, investment options, and legal requirements.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that each investor’s needs are unique. Abroad Routes customizes solutions that align with your financial goals, whether you’re interested in real estate investments, capital transfers, or research and development projects.

Due Diligence: Ensuring that your investment meets the program’s criteria is crucial. We conduct thorough due diligence on your chosen investment, ensuring it complies with all legal and financial requirements.

Document Assistance: Our dedicated team assists in preparing and reviewing all required documents, streamlining the application process and minimizing the risk of errors or omissions.

Residency Compliance: We provide ongoing support to help you meet the residency requirements, including annual renewals and compliance with Portuguese tax and legal obligations.

Peace of Mind: At Abroad Routes, we prioritize your peace of mind throughout the Golden Visa journey. We keep you informed at every stage, providing transparency and timely updates.

Choose Abroad Routes as your partner, and let us guide you towards achieving your Portugal Golden Visa. Experience the benefits of Portuguese residency and European access with confidence and ease, knowing that we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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