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Residence By Investment

Apply for United Kingdom Residence by Investment with experts at Abroad Routes

The United Kingdom provides a range of visa categories which allows entrepreneurs and investors to start business thereby creating job opportunities along with their settlement option as well.


The new business venture must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Innovation: Present an original, authentic business proposal catering to market needs or creating a competitive edge.
  2. Viability: Develop a pragmatic and attainable business plan grounded in available resources. Applicants should possess or be actively building the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and market acumen for successful business management.
  3. Scalability: Showcase evidence of well-structured strategies and the potential for job creation and expansion into domestic and international markets.
  4. Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  5. Possess a fresh and viable business concept with growth potential, supported by an endorsement letter from an officially recognized endorsing entity.
  6. Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to establish and expand their enterprise.
  7. Serve as the sole or a pivotal member of the startup’s founding team.
  8. Exhibit English proficiency at the CEFR intermediate Level B2.


  • Access to World-Class Healthcare: UK residents enjoy access to the National Health Service (NHS), without the need for private insurance.

  • High-Quality Education: Residents can access excellent educational institutions, from primary schools to renowned universities.

  • Robust Legal System: The UK boasts a strong and reliable legal system, ensuring protection of your rights and assets.

  • Employment Opportunities: Benefit from a thriving job market with opportunities across various sectors, attracting talent from around the world.

  • Travel Freedom: UK residents can explore Europe and the world with ease.

  • Financial Services Hub: London is a global financial center, offering residents access to top-tier banking and investment opportunities.

How we can help?

Securing a UK Residence Visa through investment is a significant opportunity, and Abroad Routes is your trusted partner to navigate this process. Here’s how we can help:

  1. In-Depth Expertise: Our experienced team specializes in UK immigration through investment. We provide comprehensive guidance, helping you understand the intricacies of the program.

  2. Investment Advisory: We assist in selecting the right investment opportunity that aligns with your financial goals, whether it’s the Tier 1 Investor Visa or the Innovator Visa for entrepreneurs.

  3. Document Preparation: Our meticulous review of your documents ensures they meet the stringent requirements set by the UK Home Office, reducing the chances of application rejection.

  4. Investment Management: Abroad Routes provides valuable insights into investment management, helping you make informed decisions that benefit both your immigration goals and financial future.

  5. Application Submission: We ensure that your visa application is meticulously prepared, submitted accurately, and in accordance with current UK immigration regulations.

  6. Visa Interview Preparation: Our support extends to interview preparation, arming you with the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed at your UK visa interview.

  7. Legal Compliance: We stay updated with evolving immigration laws, ensuring your application adheres to all UK Residence Visa requirements.

  8. Responsive Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to address your inquiries promptly, ensuring a stress-free application experience.

At Abroad Routes, we simplify the complexities of obtaining a UK Residence Visa through investment. Our commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction ensures your journey to secure residency in the United Kingdom is smooth and successful. Let’s embark on this exciting path together today, opening doors to new opportunities in the UK.


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