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Global Mobility Solutions

We support and provide comprehensive immigration services to individuals, families & businesses 

Global Mobility made easy

Whether you are running a firm or looking for assistance for your work related immigration process, we can help you seamlessly manage the movement of your workforce or yourself. We provide a range of services related to your work permit queries and help you comply with the laws and regulations as per immigration process.
If you are lost in search of the right details for your work permit processing requirements? We are here to help you manage and take over the entire process wherein the entire work permit immigration processes might seem complex to you. Though the process would seem simple and straightforward it indeed seems difficult to navigate through it at times.
So, if you’re a company or an individual, we will cater to a personalized approach with smart technologies to help simplify the work immigration process.



Global Mobility Services Include

  • Application preparation and filing for temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas and other immigrant matters
  • Visa issuance assistance
  • Entry and departure procedures
  • Successful security and medical clearance processing
  • Complex cases, including advocacy before government agencies
  • Advice on dependent and family member visa processing, ability to work matters, student-related matters and maintenance of status
  • Government strategies advice, analysis and policy-level advocacy
  • Representation in government enforcement investigations and audits
  • Advice for complex individual cases
  • Advice on the immigration implications of criminal activity
  • Immigration-related discrimination matters

Advantages working with Abroad Routes

Our packages are tailor made which will suit you and your budget. We offer all kinds of services, starting from consultation and document review only to complete end to end solutions.

Our packages:
  • One to one consultation and advisory services
  • Stand alone support
  • End-to-End support
We assign a designated team of experienced professionals to every case and every client who:
  • Take the time to understand you, your business objectives and your immigration goals
  • Break down complicated immigration processes into clear, manageable steps
  • Communicate openly and frequently with internal stakeholders and applicants throughout the immigration process
  • Build trusted partnerships and provide you with tailored support
At Abroad Routes we understand that Immigration is a personal process as one embarks on this journey:
    • We not only guide you but also your family through every step of the process as required
    • We simply the immigration requirements of your new country in a way that is easy to understand
    • We also prepare you to help you understand your role in the immigration process
    • We help you understand as to what you need to do to get you and your family to the new country you are looking forward to migrate
    • We will keep you informed at each stage about your process, even when we’re patiently waiting for government timelines
    • Streamlined immigration work permit management through technology

How we can help?

Our personalized advanced technology will modernize and streamline immigration program management which gives you an update of the many steps within the immigration process. The technology is designed to support the needs of your human resources and mobility teams and your individual employees. The system eases the management of your immigration program through simple-to-use features and tools, including:

  • Real-time access to your cases from anywhere in the world
  • Clarity on each milestones so you know case progress
  • Simplified dashboards with snapshots of your immigration statistics


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